Jeremy Littau

Who am I?

I’m an associate professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication
Lehigh University

What do I teach?

  • Media And Society: Introductory course for our College of Arts & Sciences
  • Internet Culture: A deep dive on digital worlds, influence online, and viral information spread
  • Multimedia Storytelling: Digital media production class with a future-of-journalism focus
  • Topical seminars
    • Black Mirror & The Digital Self: Uses Netflix’s hit show to explore themes in constructing identity in the digital age
    • Sci-Fi In media: Topical looks at how science fiction portrays visions of future society and their relationship to personal and social identity.

What do I research?

  • Digital community
  • Self-publishing
  • Social networks
  • Activism and group advocacy
  • (Dis/Mis)information
  • Memetics

Places to follow my work: