We are practicing a new kind of skill today. You’ve done reporting before, but what is it like to report in real time on a social media platform? What skills translate and what new things are required of you? Those are the ideas we are exploring in this assignment.

Credit to Carrie Brown for doing the original version of this assignment. I’ve remixed it for my own purposes.

  • Think like a reporter. Have an eagle eye for the interesting, the important, and the relevant, the unique, and the immediate.
  • Attention to detail counts! Double check your facts. First and last names (or Twitter handle, even better)! Spell names correctly.
  • Think like a journalist. Show other people what’s cool about the Lehigh University.
  • Think like a storyteller. You may only have 140 characters in each Tweet, but you can say a lot in a few words or using an image.
  • You get one tweet to answer each of the items below. That’s it!
  • You will want to offer an introductory Tweet or two explaining what you are doing. Ask them to follow the hashtag. You can schedule these to post right before class in Tweetdeck.
  • Think text AND visual. You practiced pitches. Use your J24 skills to produce interesting shots. Frame them correctly. Consider how camera angles add to the quality of the shot. Don’t just snap and post. Do several takes if you need to in order to get it right.
  • REALLY IMPORTANT: Think about your audience. They might know you’re doing a scavenger hunt, but do they know the prompts? Use tweets that are self explanatory. So for #9, for example, a setup such as “Jeremy Littau thinks the Lehigh football team will …” has all the info the reader needs to understand why you’d be posting this information.
  • Be sure to tell people their image and ideas will be posted on Twitter! It’s good etiquette.

The Assignment


  1. Context for the post. Your readers don’t have your scavenger hunt guide, so for each item you’ll need to creatively incorporate the prompt in your tweet so they’ll understand the information. For example, for #1 you’d start with something like “X is a Lehigh freshman, and they chose LU because ….”
  2. A photo (either of the object/scene requested or the person you’re quoting)
  3. The full name (first and last) of the person you’re quoting, if that item has you talking to someone.
  4. The #J230hunt hashtag


  1. Find a new student! Talk with a freshman student about why they chose Lehigh.
  1. Photo and description of your favorite eating spot off campus. Tell us why it’s great.
  1. Find and talk to a Lehigh professor. Ask them what they think the role social media plays in Lehigh’s campus culture. Be sure you include the professor’s discipline (what they teach).
  1. Find and talk to a Lehigh staff member. Ask them what “One Lehigh” means to them.
  1. Talk to a stranger on the street (not a student). Ask them if they’re following the presidential election, and where they’re getting their news about it.
  1. Find and talk with a local business owner. Why do they like having their business in South Bethlehem as opposed to somewhere else in town?
  1. Academic excellence. Illustrate with a photo and some extra information something innovative we’re doing here at Lehigh.
  1. Fanatic fans – Talk with somebody about what they think of Lehigh’s chances this football season.
  2. Your favorite scenic spot on campus. Tell us why!
  3. Little-known fact. Something you think many people might not know about Lehigh/our campus, even some of those of us that go to school here.
  4. Extracurricular extravaganza: Photo and information that exemplifies some of the huge variety of clubs, organizations, etc. available to students at our university.
  5. Do an interesting photo perspective of a campus building. Use Google search to find an interesting fact about the building and report that with your photo. Credit the source!


You should have 13 tweets when you’re done. To turn this in:

  1. Open up a new post on our J230 class WordPress site.
  2. Embed all 13 of your tweets
  3. Write a 300-word reflection on the blog about the experience. How hard was it? You’ve done reporting; what is that like when you have to do it in a new medium?
  4. Publish your post by 8 a.m. Thursday morning.

Your thoughts