Hey everyone-

As promised, we are launching Coppee Hall Maker Hours this semester from 2-4 pm every Friday on the third floor of Coppee Hall.

What are Maker Hours? Google the term and you’ll see it’s a reserved time to work on something new or different than what is required. It is rooted in the tradition of tech companies that want to give their employees time to play, improve themselves, or envision new products and services. Gmail, which many of us know and love, started because a Google employee used their maker hours time (known as 20% Time at the company) to reimagine email.

Here at Lehigh we want to continue that tradition and foster a creative playspace. Bring something digital you want to work on (your web site, an info graphic or video for a story, etc.) or come and suggest something we can learn together on the spot. We’ll all be working on doing and learning different things. I am going to use the time too by learning more about how to code. It’s a wide open time driven by you and facilitated by Prof. Veto and I (as well as any other faculty who want to drop in).

You don’t need to have a certain entry level knowledge. Just show up wanting to grow yourself and your skills, and we’ll figure out something together.

So starting this coming Friday, Sept. 19, we will be doing this every week. We have computers upstairs, but bringing your laptop is great too. If you can’t make it every week, come when you can. And spread the word.

We are hoping this will be a fun time to learn outside of class structures and totally driven by you. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Also, if you are planning to come just drop a note or tweet at me (@jeremylittau) so we can plan how to use the space well.

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Coppee Hall “Maker Hours” start Sept. 19, 2-4 p.m.
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