So I didn’t do slides for either my teach-a-thon presentation or my Glass journalism session, but I do have things to share. Since we ran out of time in the latter session, this is a link dump and set of embeds for looking at examples.

The links

  • Glass Journalism: Site curated by professors using Glass in journalism classes. We want to host syllabi and assignments, so if you have things to share we will give you ability to post. Just contact me on twitter at @jeremylittau. The link here goes to resource pages of syllabi and assignments from my class.
  • 100 Days Through Glass: Photo-a-Day project we did with my class using Glass. Whoever had Glass on that day in the semester had to take a photo and post it to Tumbr. They kind of ran out of steam at the end but if you scroll back you’ll see some great stuff.
  • J230 Glass Blog: This now has 1.5 semesters of Glass content and reflections. It’s a repository of awesome.

Video Examples – the specific assignments are in the Glass Journalism link above. These below are from Phase II or Phase III.

A word of FYI up front. Some of these are rougher than others. They were learning Final Cut at the same time they were doing these. This is partly more to show concepts than polish.

Three examples of the You’re The Director assignment. These were edited using Final Cut.

Becca Bednarz: A Woodworking Lesson Through Google Glass

Kelsey Alpaio: Julia Alpaio makes balloon animals while wearing Google Glass

Hannah Rettoun: Play the Piano Through Google Glass

Finally, a couple examples of a Glassumentary

Abby Smith: Lehigh University dances For The Kids

Julie Tatios: A Google Glass Adventure

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Resources from my “Glass Journalism” session at Journalism Interactive

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