I’ve alluded to my idea for a “Glassumentary” project in my Multimedia Storytelling course a few times in this blog. Today I got to take my first crack at putting together an edited version of what it looks like in my head.

Lehigh has an annual tradition for first-year students. They pull in with packed vehicles, and then volunteer students, faculty and staff unload the car and move everything up to the new student’s dorm room while the family gets to relax for a second. It’s a cool thing that I love about Lehigh; people from all over campus pitch in to help on Move-In Day in ways big and small.

Our provost, Pat Farrell, is one such volunteer. So along with Lehigh News, we worked to get him to wear Glass for a few minutes as he went about his routine. I captured some third-person candid and interview footage with my iPhone, and I went to work on Final Cut Pro putting together a rough sketch for a Glassumentary. This was finished and uploaded within four hours of me getting back to the office.

I’m going to go back and do some editing and stylizing, but I was trying to get a sense of what could be done on a medium-duty Glass project where there is some deadline pressure.

My idea for the Glassumentary is to take the third-person documentary format and turn the camera outward. My students do mini web documentaries in the class anyhow, but Glass is going to give us an opportunity to experiment with other forms of documentary-style stories. I’m very interested in the unique opportunity Glass affords us to transport the viewer into first-person mode both as a liberal arts educator and as a media producer.

Sure, we’ve had the ability to mount cameras on subjects before. But first-person style documentary storytelling has mostly been the domain of those who operate with high-production quality. Glass is easy and unobtrusive to use. I gave our provost about 5 minutes of training and off he went. The raw footage was pretty good too! I enjoyed watching just that as I went through to pull out moments.

I don’t expect my students to follow this format per se, but I do plan to show them this so they can start to think about what is possible. I didn’t storyboard this shoot, but I did do some planning about what kinds of footage I was expecting to see so I could mentally note parts I wanted to use later.

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“Glassumentary” take one
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