Stanford PhD student Andrej Karpathy has mined the list of people notified on Twitter about acceptance to the Glass Explorers project. As of Sunday evening at 6 p.m., he had catalogued 4,238 people who’d been notified. The full list is pretty interesting data – there is decent research potential here on how people envision using a project that they’ve likely only seen through media.

TechCrunch had an interesting roundup of the invite list. They note that there seems to be some favoritism showed to high follower counts and celebrity, according to Karpathy’s analysis. Not a huge surprise. There will be social challenges to something like Glass getting accepted enough that people will want to buy it in large numbers. Smartphones are one thing – the concept of a phone has been around for several generations – but this is a much more difficult product for people to envision in terms of useful features.

I went through the list and pulled out pitches that were geared around news or journalism (on the production side, not the consumption side). I added the people I found to a curated Twitter list, and you can subscribe to the list at the link. While I will be testing the device out as part of the program, I am very interested to know how other news people – both professionals and educators – are envisioning ways to use it. And it’ll be great to follow their progress.

Next up, I’m going to compile a list of university educators who will be using Glass.

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Journalism and Project Glass
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